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Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia-Canada

Bachelor of Science -Chemistry

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Program Details

4 Year - Bachelor's Degree

Course Duration:

4 Years

Application Fee:

80 CAD

Tuition Fee:

20311 CAD/Year


Sept, Jan, May

Program Description

Chemistry is the study of matter — anything that has mass and occupies space. Everything you touch, hold, smell or taste involves chemistry and chemicals. So, when you step onto Cape Breton Island and look into our waters, across our landscapes and throughout our communities, you’ll discover a natural sense of opportunity and wonder that opens your path to success. Chemistry is the science of change that affects virtually all other scientific disciplines and is essential to many new technological developments. Chemistry is a physical science, which puts importance on mathematics and physics. Students who study chemistry here take part in a world class curriculum that produces results for tomorrow. That’s because the CBU Chemistry program is nationally accredited by the Canadian Society of Chemistry, designed for students with a passion for chemistry and desire to learn. With accessible faculty and modern facilities, CBU truly has it all. Here, you study the relationship between the chemical structure of matter and its properties. From new pharmaceuticals that fight disease, industrial catalysts for efficient manufacturing and leading-edge nanotechnologies—what CBU teaches you has the power change the world we live in.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12 with Minimun average 55%. No course below 50%. Subject requirement - - English. - Any 3 Subjects from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics. - 1 Additional Course.


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