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Sreenath Menon


“Sreenath Menon”

Writing a review, I have never been so happy and thankful; It is just because my dream came true and I can't thank enough Fair Future team for making it possible with in a short period of time. Pursuing my Post Graduation in Canada was my dream and as we are meeting the right people at the right time makes wonders, as Fair Future made my Canada dream truly possible and that too with in my first try. Before reaching out with Fair Future team I have enquired many abroad educational agencies in Kerala regarding the course information and all other information related to Canada student visa program, but each one of the agencies has given me wrong info regarding the backlogs and year gap and they were least bothered for concerning my application as it was a risk for the agencies and the chance of rejection was high. This is the time where Fair Future came up and they confidently and precisely proceeded with my application. My motivator and mentor Lidiya Ma'am she was the only person who gave me a clear picture of what course should I choose and the future scope of job opportunities. She also cleared my false information's which other agencies speculated regarding the visa process and how the visa decision is made by the visa officers. The others who helped throughout my journey was my advisors Chinju Jose & Aiswarya Dath. I thank Reshma Raj who made visa filing so easy. They all were so dedicated and sincere throughout the journey they make sure even the smallest things to be take care and I really appreciate their highly professional attitude. My advisor Chinju were really helpful and polite, she even remind me the small things which we all forget sometimes to do. And I would also like to thank Susan Ma'am for guiding throughout my IELTS training. Thank you team Fair Future. "Finding the right people at the right time makes our life change for a good cause" Fair Future is the best!!

Dr Feba Sam


“Dr Feba Sam”

I would like to take a moment to appreciate your efforts in helping me in my dream of studying abroad. You and your team had done a great job all through the journey. Right from finding a good university for my studies till booking my flight tickets you have helped and guided me. I would like to thank Lydia ma'am for her guidance, she made sure that I knew about all the documents needed beforehand and helped me to take the right choice and Sruthy, who guided me throughout my visa process journey. In my opinion, her advice has been very helpful, timely and constructive. She made sure that no details were missed and would let me know when things had to be done. Moreover the best point is that I have not seen them face to face only after getting my Study visa but still the entire process was hassle free and tension free. Fair Future's support, knowledge and understanding of the process and intricacies of the visa system made the process very smooth and straightforward which otherwise would have been very stressful. Overall I had really smooth and extremely supportive services from Fair Future. I would recommend them to any aspirant looking for higher studies. Once they commit, they will make sure you receive your requirements faster and easy. I strongly believe I took the best decision with Fair Future. God bless you more and thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Sneha Thomas


“Sneha Thomas”

I am really greatful towards Fair Future kochi, for every support and guidance that they rendered to me. I have to give special thanks to my application advisor Rakhi for her support and she helped me to get into a good college and my application thoroughly. Even though our conversation were solely online, i have to appreciate her hardwork. Like a sister, she did hear all my doubts patiently and answered all of them and helped me in difficult times and encouraged me throughout the whole process. I'm indebted to Reshma for processing my visa. I am glad that i chose this agency for my processing to accomplish my dream and goals. Thus, i don't have any regrets. For anyone who is planning to pursue education overseas, i can undoubtedly recommend Fair Future, they give the best service in the processing.

Sreemon Jayan


“Sreemon Jayan”

I had a very good experience from Fair Future from initial counseling to visa stamping. Chinju was my advisor from the beginning and Anjana replaced her after she was transferred to Dubai.Chinju helped me through every steps till visa submission and made sure everything was perfect. Both Chinju and Anjana gave me confidence and support when my initial visa application was rejected. They constantly helped me in preparation of the perfect SOP and Explanation statement for reapplying visa. Both of them blessed me with their excellent knowledge and friendly behavior. lam so happy that I chose fair future as my consultant and i will confidently recommend Fair Future to anyone in need of help for studying abroad. Thank vou Fair future and the entire team who helped me in fulfilling my dream.

Albin Varghese


“Albin Varghese”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole fair future team for supporting me in my study abroad Canada journey especially my advisors (chinju ma'am, Deepa ma'am and Reshma ma'am ) for their constant support through out my journey .Eventhough my profile had a 50-50 chance chinju ma'am and Deepa ma'am provide me confidence and hope in this entire run on getting my visa approval.both of them were kind enough to give me perfect guideness and clarification whenever I need through WhatsApp texts and calls. I can safely say that both of them have solid ground level knowledge on all the requirements needed for visa procedure .Chinju ma'am made sure that I knew about all the documents needed beforehand during visa filing .And I would recommend fairfuture to all my friends and family who intend to study abroad I am extremely grateful to entire fairfuture team for everything they have done for me. Lots of love and appreciation!.

Sandeep Suresh


“Sandeep Suresh”

I came to know about fairfuture from one of my friend . Firstly a big thanks to my friend for introducing fairfuture to me . Now im extremly happy that fairfuture helped me for my student visa permit to canada . Im very much thankful to my student advisors. Even from the very first call we can understand the quality of student advisors fairfuture offers . My advisors were Aishwarya, Chinju & Rakhi. Chinju did the major part of filing student visa permit . They were very cooperative and was available any time. My advisors reminded me each and everything even if i forget something . Almost everypart of my student permit was done online with the help of my advisors and i have only visited fairfure 2 time which was so convenient. Once again thank u so much each and every person of fairfuture who helped me to get my studdnt visa permit . I will definitely recommend fairfuture to my friends.

Ajin Kuriakose


“Ajin Kuriakose”

Im ajin kuriakose one of the many students applying with fairfuture for abroad studies, im immense happy to say that i got my student visa at 1st try even there is lot of chances of rejection. I completed my degree with only half percentage and approached a agency prior but they are unhappy with my academics and said go find any other agency we dont proceed yours. I was so disappointed and thought i cant go anywhere, then i heard of fairfuture from my friend and i called them. Surprisingly they didn't mention a word about my profile and academics, also i got Andrew dominic vacko as my advisor and he is the ultimate reason for my visa success, from my bottom of my heart im saying thanks to andrew and fairfuture team for assist me to put the milestone of my career. Andrew helped me out from all the doubts i had and given mental strength too. Once again thank you to Andrew and fairfuture team.

Moses Daison


“Moses Daison”

To all those who are pursuing for higher studies , Never ever ever loose hope , there are angels who have fallen from heaven to help us at our worst scenarios and Fair future is one among them . Holding my passport request letter in my hand I can confidently say that fair future has done a huge amount of assist and support. Being a very complicated case with 20plus backlogs in btech and with 2 rejection already from another agency , my assigned councellor Rakhi chechi (the sweet kumbalangikari ) gave me the best motivation someone could give . Being in the brim of breakdown , Rakhi chechi gave me wings of hope. Eventhough I had a rejection she motivated me for my caips note.With much more clarity and stronger sop ,I applied visa for the fourth time . With god's grace ,hardwork and lots of prayers on 31st August I got my visa .To anyone out there worried about backlogs , rejections , and any other complications ,I strongly recommend Fair Future for you . 3 year struggle with 3 rejections ,2 medicals, 2 ielts and 1approval . I wish I could have met them early and my 2 years would have not been wasted . A huge thanks to the team and especially our Rakhi chechi and Reshma chechi from visa team who was there applying my visa even after your work time . It all felt like family and thank you all ☺️

Johnsy Antony


“Johnsy Antony”

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude towards the entire management of FAIRFUTURE for taking up my daughter's immigration procedures and guiding us all through the process. Especially the advisor: Rakhi who went through with my daughter in every steps to choose and go forward in all the decisions which had to be taken, Lidia who were an impeccable part in giving all the necessary insights and Leona who helped us in doing all the visa procedures. They really made it much easier and convenient to proceed and reach to this point now. Thankyou very much FairFuture. This is one good agency we can approach with complete trust

Sameer Ka


“Sameer Ka”

If someone wants to study abroad, Fair Future is the greatest option. Since I visited other agencies in Kochi before going to Fair Future, I didn't feel satisfied or trusted. Everyone is merely focused on their goal and made false promises. Veena helped me a lot when I visited Fair Future and provided me with further information on studying abroad as well as links to other universities in the United Kingdom. She also provided information on the advantages and disadvantages of the courses and universities. She is just incredibly knowledgeable. She supported me all the way up until I arrived in the UK. What to say about Veena is beyond me. Because I tend to become more anxious about minor issues and contact them frequently when l'm unhappy. She didn't have any issues, spoke courteously, and helped me feel more at ease throughout this ordeal

Grace Mathew


“Grace Mathew”

I had a great experience at Fair future! Even though I was located at Delhi and they are Kerala based, they were very helpful in each and every step of my study abroad plan. Special thanks to Heeliya for helping me out in all the process and clearing all my doubts patiently. Thankyou fair future team for all the help and support to fulfill my study abroad plan.

Rohit Thomas


“Rohit Thomas”

I express my sincere thanks to your organization for the great assistance to get an admission in Conestoga College Doon Campus, Canada for my son Rohit Thomas. My special thanks to Smt. Chinju, student Counselor for her remarkable assistance and support for this achievement. She is a worthy employee in your Organization. I wish all the best to her future career. Also my thanks to Smt. Anjana, Visa assistance desk, Smt. Reshma for better service. I wish all sucess to all of you on behalf of my son. Thanks a lot, God bless Regards, John Thomas F/o Rohit Thomas

Athira J


“Athira J”

After speaking with many consultancies I finally landed up with Fair Future overseas educational consultancy for my study visa in Canada with my husband and kid. I would really like to thank Fair Future & m advisors (Nayana, Reshma, Heeliya ) for their splendid services. I have to give special thanks to Navana ( My Advisor who guided me like a sister through out the process starting from finding the best collage to the entire visa filing process. Tysm for clearing all my queries with good patience and making us feel secured. Even though our conversation were solely online it was really hassle free. lam glad that I choose this agency for my processing and to accomplish my dream and goals. For anyone who is planning to pursue education overseas, I can undoubtedly recommend Fair Future. Once again thank you everyone who have worked behind for us.😊

Venu Gopal Suryadevara


“Venu Gopal Suryadevara”

I'm from Andhra Pradesh. I applied for my PG Diploma in a Canadian college and visa with the help of Fair Future Overseas Educational Consultancy, Ernakulam. They guided me with their vast experience and patience in each and every stage of my college admission and visa processes. I got my study visa with their help, especially my counselor Sruthy clarified my every small doubt with lot of patience and respectful manner. Before applying through Fair Future i got visa rejection once. I achieved my dream finally with the great help of and guidance of Fair Future Consultancy and my counselor Sruthy. Many many thanks to you people!

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